Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions
Do your displays require any drivers to be downloaded?
What is the warranty on your products?
What is the difference between your LCD/TV monitor and normal LCD TVs?

LCD/TV Questions
Can your LCD/TV work without a TV Tuner?
Can I connect external speakers to your LCD/TV?
What is the difference between your LCD-TV monitor and a normal LCD monitor fitted with an external TV Box?
There are strange lines on my LCD monitor when I shut down the PC, is that normal?
I couldn't see anything on my LCD monitor after I connected the power, what should I do?

Plasma TV Questions
Do ONE Monitor Plasma TV's have built in speakers?
Can the Plasma TV's be used as a computer monitor as well?
Can the Plasma display be used as a TV and PC monitor at the same time?
Does a Higher Resolution mean it will have better picture quality?
What exactly is a Plasma screen?
Are the Plasma TV's HDTV ready?


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